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Kia Battery Services Near Indianapolis, IN

At Ray Skillman Northeast Kia, we are proud to serve you with a team of experts for every department, including certified technicians at our state-of-the-art service center. Our facility is located in central Indiana, serving Indianapolis, Beech Grove, McCordsville, Lawrence, Cumberland, and other nearby towns. One of our service center’s services is battery services, including battery inspection and battery replacement service. As an official Kia service center, we specialize in parts and services for all Kia models. We carry Kia OEM car batteries and a wide range of other OEM parts and accessories.



Weak Battery

Signs of a Weak Battery

Apart from regular car battery inspections from certified technicians, we suggest you watch out for common signs of a faulty or weak battery. You should get an inspection if you have to jump-start the vehicle frequently or notice the battery struggling to start the engine. Also, watch out for clicking sounds during ignition or dim headlights, as these are common signs that you need a car battery replacement service.


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Battery Inspection

Comprehensive Car Battery Inspections

In our comprehensive car battery testing and inspection, we will test the battery and inspect other parts of the battery system. There can be issues with the connectors, terminals, wires, alternator, or other parts, causing the battery system to underperform. For battery testing, we will do a physical inspection and test the battery’s cold-cranking amps and voltage to determine if the battery has weakened. Our technicians at Ray Skillman Northeast Kia can guide you to the correct battery for your vehicle and driving conditions.


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Battery for Sale

OEM Kia Batteries for Sale

We recommend you get Kia original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts installed in your vehicle for any replaced service required. This includes using Kia OEM car batteries to replace a weak battery. At Ray Skillman Northeast Kia, we carry OEM batteries for Kia models. Using OEM batteries will allow you to get perfect compatibility with your vehicle. You will also get longer battery life from OEM batteries compared to cheaper aftermarket alternatives.


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Kia Battery Service



Get Certified Auto Service at Ray Skillman Northeast Kia

To book a Kia battery replacement or other auto services at Ray Skillman Northeast Kia, you can contact us via phone or website. We have an online tool designed to offer a quick and easy way to schedule an appointment on our website. We also recommend you use our complimentary multi-point inspection service. We offer several amenities at Ray Skillman Northeast Kia for your comfort and convenience, including computer workstations, flat-screen HDTVs, complimentary snacks, magazines and newspapers, and more.


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