Value Your Trade

Car and Truck Trade-In Value

At Ray Skillman Northeast Kia, our goal is to simplify and take the stress out of shopping for a new vehicle. We want you to be able to buy the vehicle that you need and want. We also understand that you probably need to unload your old car to buy a new one. Selling your old car privately can be difficult and time-consuming.
Ray Skillman Northeast Kia hopes to give you another easier option by buying your car here.

Value Your Trade

To sell or trade in your vehicle, you need to know how much it’s worth and how much you can use towards a new vehicle. Ray Skillman Northeast Kia offers a simple way to find this out. Just use our handy trade-in calculator to estimate the value of your trade-in. All you need to do is enter some basic information about your car or truck and include your contact details. Your trade-in estimate will depend on mileage, features, market value, and exterior and interior condition.

Trade In Your Car or Truck At Ray Skillman Northeast Kia

After you’ve found the estimate on your trade, you’ll need to come into the showroom to get an appraisal. The only thing you need to prepare is the original trade-in estimate from our online calculator. Our service experts will look at your vehicle and give you a fair assessment based on its condition and whether it’s a good match for our used selection.
At Ray Skillman Northeast Kia, we are proud to offer highly fair prices on every trade-in that we appraise. When you get your official offer, you can either accept and finalize it or you can negotiate it further.

Why Trade Your Car or Truck at Ray Skillman Northeast Kia?

Probably the best reason to sell your car to us is that we take care of everything quickly and efficiently. You don’t have to spend time or money putting out ads and fielding emails and phone calls from strangers. Another great reason to trade with us is that we can take vehicles that you still owe money on. This is a complex process when you sell your vehicle privately.

Trade-In FAQ

Q: If I owe money on my car, can I still sell it to Ray Skillman Northeast Kia?
A: You can indeed! However, we recommend waiting until your vehicle has positive equity so that you have some money left over to put towards a new vehicle.
Q: What if my car is not worth as much as I owe?
A: This is known as being upside down in your loan. You can still sell a car like this, but you will be responsible for the remaining payment on the loan to sell the car.
Let Ray Skillman Northeast Kia help you navigate the car-buying process. We’re always ready to help, whether online, over the phone, or in our showroom.