Kia Wheel Alignment Services

Kia Wheel Alignment in Indianapolis, IN

If the direction and angle of the wheels are not properly aligned, your vehicle might suffer from reduced fuel efficiency and compromised safety. At Ray Skillman Northeast Kia, we offer four-wheel and two-wheel alignment services from certified technicians. These services are part of a full menu of automotive services offered at our state-of-the-art facility. Our service center is located in Indianapolis, IN, only a short drive from the cities of Beech Grove, Cumberland, McCordsville, and Lawrence. We have a dedicated department for Kia OEM parts and accessories if you need to replace a part or want a gift for yourself or another Kia driver.



Wheel Alignment Inspection

Whether your vehicle is suffering from signs of suspension misalignment or you are looking for routine inspection, our technicians can perform a reliable and efficient wheel alignment inspection for your vehicle. We specialize in Kia, but all makes are welcome at our facility. Common signs of suspension misalignment include uneven tread wear on the tires and pulling of the vehicle to one side when driving straight. For the inspection service, our team will measure the suspension angles using computerized technology. The measured data will be compared to Kia factory specifications. If the data does not match, that means the suspension of your vehicle is not properly aligned.


Two-Wheel Alignment Service

Two-Wheel Alignment

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Four-Wheel Alignment Service

Four-Wheel Alignment

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Two Wheel vs. Four-Wheel Alignment

For a vehicle with independent suspension, a four-wheel or all-wheel alignment service is required. This type of alignment service is most common in regular-sized vehicles such as sedans and hatchbacks. For larger vehicles, a two-wheel alignment service might be required. If you own a Kia SUV, it might have a rigid rear axle, which means only the wheels on the front axle need alignment service. Regardless of the type of alignment service, the objective is to have all the wheels pointing forward when the steering wheel is straight. Our expert technicians at Ray Skillman Northeast Kia will be glad to guide you on the alignment service required by your vehicle.



Kia Wheel Alignment Service

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We recommend that you don’t delay getting wheel alignment inspection or alignment service as driving with misaligned suspension can be dangerous. It can also cause damage to the tires and suspension system. To get an inspection or alignment service at Ray Skillman Northeast Kia, you can stop by our Indianapolis, IN, service center. We encourage our customers to schedule a service appointment to offer them an optimized experience at our facility. We can be reached over the phone for appointments, or you can book through the service scheduling tool.


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